Composite steel prefabricated girder

Option composite steel-concrete precast member cross section for TRIMAS® fem and PONTI®


A program component RTcompositeSteelPre for the processing of steel composite precast girders according to DIN-EN 1994, EN 1994 as well as DIN-FB 104. The cross-section module supplements the program component RTcompositesteel and supports in particular the special input, calculation and design options of steel girders with factory-made precast concrete elements in steel composite bridge construction.

  • Input of precast steel composite cross-sections with welded I-sections and I-shaped rolled girder cross-sections made of structural steel with concrete chord as deck slab.
  • The carriageway slab consists of precast elements with a cast-in-place concrete layer. The concrete materials of the two partial cross sections can be different in each case.
  • The different creep and shrinkage in the field and column areas are taken into account.

For the application of the RTsteelcompositepre program component, either the steel composite rolled & welded I-beams option and/or the steel composite box girders option must be present. In addition, all the checks described in the basic module Steel composite bridge girders are performed in the ultimate limit states, fatigue, serviceability and composite restraint.

Benefits of RTcompositeSteelPre

The RTcompositeSteelPre program component supports the calculation and design of mixed spatial systems made of structural steel, steel composite or reinforced concrete and has the following special features: 

  • Graphic-oriented interface for design with interactive cross-section optimization
  • Design according to DIN technical report, ÖNorm and Eurocodes
  • Precast steel composite girders for optimized bridge systems with large spans
  • Clear cross-section input and display of time-dependent characteristic values
  • Fast and interactive design and output of bridge girders
  • Document output in RTprint or RTF format according to user specifications
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