Recalculation of concrete bridges

RTbridgerecalculation fem - Option Recalculation of bridges for TRIMAS® fem and PONTI®


  • All level 1+2 requirements of the recalculation guideline can be met
  • Load macros for all target load levels
  • Recalculation guideline (NRR) analyses for reinforced and prestressed beam and shell structures
  • Utilization levels for ULS, SLS and FLS analyses for a specified reinforcement
  • Tabular, graphical and detailed result documentation for each analysis section per individual analysis
  • Residual safety by examination of the indiction behavior
  • Residual service life via the fatigue resistance analysis for reinforcement and prestressing steel with the Miner’s summation under consideration of the damage evolution
  • ULS analyses are also possible according to the old DIN 4227-1
  • Generation of Excel-sheets according to BAST template

Benefits of option RTbridgerecalculation

The use of the program module for the recalculation of bridges has the following special features:

  • Independent adjustment of the target load level, fatigue load models, partial safeties on the action and resistance side as well as design parameter
  • Analysis can be performed according to DIN-FB and DIN-EN/NA with clear display of the utilization levels for all analyses in the ULS, SLS and FLS
  • Alternative performance of the analysis according to DIN 4227 for all ULS and coupling joint analyses
  • Analysis of the indiction behavior according to activity instructions is integrated in the calculation according to DIN-FB
  • Fatigue resistance analysis with linear damage accumulation according to Palmgren-Miner for reinforcement and prestressing steel
  • Determination of the residual safety at the time of cracking
  • Determination of the residual service life from the damage calculation
  • Span-by-span combination of the results as Excel-sheet according to BAST -template in the longitudinal direction
  • Bridge reinforcement with additional external prestressing
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