Composite steel bridges EXPERT

PONTI® compositesteel EXPERT - FEM-System for composite steel/concrete bridges including TRIMAS® fem


New features of BEST reinforced concrete column

BEST innovations at a glance

  • Output of results via new utility program RTreport
  • Optional output as a minimal list, short list or detailed output
  • New interface with ribbon, quick access toolbar & properties tables
  • Ergonomic and efficient user interface
  • Program configuration and separate language selection for input and output
  • Storage of user-defined program-templates
  • Design in compliance with EN according to national annexes for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • Enhanced revision of the result list
  • Enhancement of fire protection design/fire design
  • Separately configurable output list

New program functions

  • Automatic load combination
  • Expansion of load transfer to FUNDA for foundation design and soil static analyses
  • Automatic generation of the permanent loading combination for creep deformations
  • Determination of elastic end-restraints for foundations and beams
  • Consideration of several erecting states
  • Design for regular, extraordinary and earthquake situations is carried out within the calculation run
  • New revised result list incl. load case protocol

Extension fire protection and fire design

  • Tabular fire protection now according to DIN EN 1992-1-2, eq. 5.7
  • Extended zone method now on the rasterised cross-section
  • Consideration of multi-sectional corner reinforcements
  • Consideration of building humidity
  • Flexible input of fire duration
  • Consideration of insulation plaster thickness
  • Extension for user-defined fire resistance duration and cross-sectional dimensions

New Option BEST for steel supports

  • More information on the verifications for 3D steel supports can be found > here


  • Consideration of system, load and cross-section history
  • Determination of the cracking and the participating slab areas
  • Frame structures and general FEM solution
  • Different analysis options
  • Classic girder grid and surface models
  • Total cross-section method with time-dependent cross-section variants n0, nP, nPT, nD, nS
  • Rolled and welded steel profiles
  • Option for box and prefabricated girders

Benefits of PONTI®compositesteel EXPERT

    The programme system PONTI® compositesteel EXPERT also facilitates the analysis of mixed spatial wood, steel or reinforced concrete systems. PONTI® compositesteel EXPERT is a powerful FEM system for structural and bridge engineering and in particular offers the following advantages:

    • Graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all modifications
    • Graphic-oriented surface during design with an interactive optimisation of the cross section
    • Fast and safe processing of bridge systems on the basis of axial data
    • The calculation/design is performed in accordance with the overall cross section method
    • Simple acquisition of the system, cross-section and load histories of construction stages
    • Forces of the cracking in the concrete chord are considered
    • Automatic calculation of the secondary effects caused by creep and shrinkage
    • Powerful and economic design according to the DIN technical report, EC & EN with clear result graphics and specific detail information
    • Document output in the RTprint / RTF format in accordance with the user’s requirements

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