iTWO BI+ - Business Intelligence for Construction

tailored to the requirements of the construction industry


Interactive visualizations and business intelligence functions for data analysis

The BI+ module of the RIB iTWO business solution offers the functional scope of a market-leading business intelligence software. Connect and combine data from iTWO with other data sources as required and create your own evaluations and reports with just a few clicks. The interactive dashboards offer you your most important key figures from various perspectives and levels of detail. Analyze your corporate KPI's when and from where you need information.


iTWO BI+ - Dashboards and project controlling

Data-based decisions for more transparency

Analyze and visualize your data in the form of interactive tables, diagrams or graphics. Use iTWO BI+ to get answers to important business and financial questions, e.g. monitor equipment inventory or evaluate activities on the construction site.

All areas of the BI+ module and all dashboards are based on a comprehensive authorization concept. This ensures that each user only has access to the information he or she is authorized to see.

Your team works in the familiar interface and is up and running in no time. iTWO BI+ eliminates the need for months of implementation of a business intelligence solution, because you don't have to build your dashboards from complicated database structures, but can use a suitably prepared iTWO data pool.

You now have an automatic overview of all important key figures around the clock. To do this, you can use both classic thresholds and percentage changes as well as artificial intelligence, whose algorithms learn from historical patterns and inform you as soon as an unexpected event occurs.


Combine data from different modules and data sources


You get access to already prepared iTWO data as well as a variety of predefined reports and ready-to-use dashboards, so you can start analyzing immediately.
Your analyses are not limited to one module. With just a few clicks, you can combine information from different areas on one dashboard, even in one key figure.

Furthermore, you can supplement the data from the iTWO enterprise solution with your own data. BI+ offers "plug&play" connectors to over 50 data sources, including

  • all modules of the iTWO enterprise solution
  • all common relational databases (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...)
  • CSV files
  • CRM systems
  • ERP platforms, including SAP
  • Web tracking and social media platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and many more

All important key figures in real time


Use the BI+ dashboards to get an immediate overview of areas such as project controlling, site activities, equipment inventory and more. For this purpose, every employee in your company has access to a variety of predefined analyses.

With BI+ you can extend these existing reports on your own and easily adapt them to your business model.

In addition, you have the possibility to create professional dashboards with just a few clicks. On request, we will be happy to support you in the design and creation of your user-defined reports.

This gives all users the opportunity to view the most important key figures from different perspectives in the optimal level of detail with just a few clicks.

All dashboards include optional interactive functions such as filters, zoom, drill-down and drill-through to interact with the data.



Your advantages to the point

  • Make data-based decisions in real time
  • Intuitive user interface for data analysis
  • All key figures at a glance
  • Predefined and custom dashboards for many areas of the iTWO enterprise solution
  • Intuitive drag & drop user interface to create your own charts and key figures with just a few clicks
  • Prepared iTWO data pool for immediate start of evaluations
  • Monitor critical metrics with intelligent alarms

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