BIM in Road Construction and Civil Engineering

Digitalization of projects in road construction and civil engineering

How to get maximum benefit from BIM

Digitalization and model-based BIM 5D workflows are driving the industry forward. They also offer enormous potential in road construction and civil engineering. It is crucial that the construction processes are included. This is the focus of the business solution consisting of RIB iTWO (5D) and iTWO civil (CAD).

Data use without media discontinuity

The 3D solids of earthworks or routes are enriched with relevant information about the construction process such as time/dates (4D) and (5D) and costs are passed on without losses during the course of the project. Thus all project phases build on each other intelligently. Disturbing influences can be estimated correctly earlier and you can react quickly to avoid expensive construction delays. 

Model-based quantities as the key to successful projects

The key to successful projects often lies in optimized earth mass logistics. The model-based quantity determination of iTWO alone offers measurable advantages because excavation, measurements and invoicing can be created, checked and released digitally throughout the project. An additional plus: the quantities in the model can be assessed particularly transparently and objectively by the client and contractor, even in complicated situations such as earth excavation on slopes.


Building Smart

Building Smart

buildingSMART e. V. is a competence network for BIM and the digitalization of the construction industry. RIB is a long-standing member of buildingSMART e. V. and is involved in defining the IFC Rail and IFC Road standards.

Flexible, open CAD/BIM model integration  
for road construction and civil engineering  

In civil engineering, the conditions for BIM 5D are already good today. Especially in sewer construction, there are proven 3D data formats available, all of which are supported by iTWO civil. For infrastructure projects in road construction, civil engineering and sewer construction, the format CPIXML* currently offers the largest scope of services. The IFC standard - goal: IFC Road or IFC Infra - will be successively supported and expanded in a practice-oriented manner. Data from CAD systems can be integrated into the project processing. This means that you are always on the safe side with iTWO civil and ITWO 5D.

* CPI = Construction Process Integration, XML = Extensible Markup Language, structured markup language.

Qualified for all BIM requirements

With iTWO civil and iTWO 5D, an integrated model-based solution with all its advantages is also available for road construction and civil engineering. So you are prepared for the requirements of potential clients.  According to the "Stufenplan Digitales Planen und Bauen" of the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs), BIM level 1 must be implemented in Germany from the end of 2020 for new federal infrastructure projects to be planned - and large clients also have or are developing similar requirements.

RIB iTWO is the leading project platform for well-known clients. This should make cooperation - beyond a BIM execution plan - technically advantageous.

BIM 5D Process (sample) with RIB iTWO and iTWO civil

BIM 5D : Geometry (=3D) + scheduling (4D) + costs (5D) represent the entire project until its completion.

> Route planning > Station-by-station generation of route bodies > Data transfer and attribution (REB quantity)

> Model control > Specification (element assignment to the service specifications) > Quantity calculation

> Quantity transfer to BOQ > Preliminary costing/quotation costing > Determination of contract services

> Process simulation > Scheduling > Teams and equipment/material usage "just in time" > Reduction of idle time

> Model-oriented representation of reporting periods > Visual monitoring of targets > Inspection during construction

There are good reasons for BIM 5D in road construction and civil engineering

  • Optimal use of resources, e.g. several project teams
  • Greater schedule reliability through 4D construction process models
  • Cost security and efficiency through more accurate and up-to-date quantity data
  • Higher planning reliability and process transparency = minimized risks
  • Manageability of complex projects with growing requirements
  • Improved project marketing through early realistic illustration
  • Reuse of data for operation and maintenance of the structure

And there are good reasons for BIM 5D with RIB iTWO civil

  • Many years of experience with digitalization / BIM 5D in building construction
  • Integrated workflow from a software house 
  • Automatic creation of route bodies and surfaces as well as transparent attribution
  • Generation of the industry standard CPIXML from iTWO civil
  • REB Standard Conformity


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