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Your clients often demand customized and individual solutions The CAD solution iTWO civil supports you effectively and consistently in the planning, accounting and data preparation of traffic facilities and engineering structures.

Planning and routing

A wide range of dynamic routing tools are available to you. With dynamic parameters e.g. for variant analysis in the node area, on the route - in town and out of town

Intelligent quantity determination from cross sections and DGM

Before, during and after construction, the object-oriented and wizard-guided CAD system offers the appropriate procedures for all tasks:

  • A powerful, dynamic cross section processing based on standard cross sections
  • A quantity calculation from Digital Terrain Models (DTM) - among others according to REB
  • Quantity determination of number of pieces, lengths, square meters and cubature

Convincing documentation

You can document and verify your project in every phase in the form of site and elevation plans, tractrix curves, cross sections as well as ceiling book, mass and visibility calculations.

Flexible Data Management - BIM

You have all necessary tools for data preparation and transfer of planning relevant elements according to REB or common exchange formats like XML, DXF/DWG OKSTRA ALKIS or point clouds (optional)

The BIM option is available at any time by intelligently linking the data to the model-oriented iTWO BIM 5D process. Changes in the model are recognized in iTWO and immediately processed and taken into account (optional).


iTWO civil Convert drones point cloud to tracing (Optional Module)


iTWO civil Local road planning with tender/ BQ and quantities


With iTWO civil you plan in conformity with guidelines, integrated and economically.

Industry solution planning/billing - Features and benefits
  • Object-oriented and wizard-guided CAD processing
  • Optimized for capturing and processing large amounts of data (point clouds, BIM)
  • Transparent storage of axes including all information in a structure tree 
  • High project security through intelligent plan and foil management
  • Precise documentation and traceability in every project phase
  • Object-oriented model and plan editing for quick changes in planning
  • Working dynamically in cross section: Design > Quantity Calculation > Cross section plan
  • High project quality and security through integrated error manager
  • Support of the AVA by standardized data exchange under consideration of accounting periods 
  • Best CPIXML/IFC data preparation and BCF coordination for the model-based iTWO 5D-BIM process 
  • Investment security through RIB as innovation and technology partner


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Solution Oriented Applications included:


The solution can be extended with data from point clouds, special earthworks engineering tasks regarding quantity calculations for earthworks that take into account soil layers, visibility verification and an extended visualization, 3D route drafting and testing as per HViSt. As an optional extension, solutions are available for land acquisition, drainage planning and professional, standardized data exchange with other systems.

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