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The CAD solution iTWO civil supports projects of any size transparently and across all phases: from data acquisition and preparation to quantity takeoff, billing and documentation.

Data preparation and offer phase:

iTWO civil offers you a wide range of options for data transfer of surveys and basic data and transparent data management for objects, route elements, points and BIM data. You determine quantities more efficiently from planning bases for your calculation. The object-oriented system offers various methods for the targeted determination of quantities, lengths, square meters and cubature.

Planning and construction preparation

Use comprehensive routing tools for planning, calculation and preparation of construction work. For example, the flexible interpolation of transverse and longitudinal profiles or the wizard-supported generation of earthworks and excavation pits.

Construction, quantities and accounting

Here, tools are available for the preparation and optimization of planning data up to the direct data preparation of data for the 3D GNSS control of construction machines. During construction and after completion you will receive quantities for the construction accounting in a timely manner. For this purpose, the system offers powerful dynamic cross section processing or quantity take-off from digital terrain models. REB-compliant accounting is a matter of course.

In every project phase

You can intelligently link your project data to the model-based iTWO 5D process; changes in the model are recognized in iTWO 5D and immediately taken into account. Extensive plan editing tools allow you to document your work in plans and lists in a verifiable manner at any time.

iTWO civil Screen CAD Civil engineering Construction industry

iTWO civil Routing, quantity calculation from cross profile

iTWO civil Screen Civil engineering Construction industry suite

iTWO civil Routing modelling of embankment and bypass road


With iTWO civil you build flexible, safe and profitable.

Solution for Construction Industry - Features and benefits
  • Process-oriented solution instead of isolated applications
    Transparent project processing through integrated data model
    Target-oriented data exchange in every project phase
    Object-oriented work for fast and comprehensive quantity queries
    Working dynamically in cross section: Design > Quantity Calculation > Cross section plan 
    Precise documentation and traceability in every project phase
    High efficiency through automated plan preparation and updating
    Visual control options support project control and prevent errors
    High project quality and security through integrated error manager
    Fast project processing through practice-oriented working methods
    Best CPIXML/IFC data preparation for the model-based iTWO 5D-BIM process 
    Investment security through RIB as innovation and technology partner

Getting to know iTWO civil

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Additional Applications for Construction firms and the Construction Industry:

The solution can be extended by adopting data from point clouds, laser scans, echolocation or scan flights, either produced in-house or received from service providers. For intelligent, object-oriented data exchange with other systems of routing information, the OKSTRA interface is available.

For special hydraulic engineering or pipeline construction solutions, iTWO civil offers additive assembly catalogs for integration into the dynamic cross section. Drainage can, for example, be documented after construction and handed over to the client via ISYBAU.


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