Building Information Modeling in Road Construction and Civil Engineering

Future-proof road construction and civil engineering with BIM

According to the BIM master plan for federal highway construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to be used across the board by the federal states and Autobahn GmbH by 2025 at the latest. Contractors must therefore prepare themselves for this.

iTWO civil and iTWO 5D provide you with an integrated model-based solution for road, civil engineering and sewer construction with all its advantages. So you are fit for the requirements of your clients.


The entire digital process of a construction site

In the future, a BIM model linked to the quantity-relevant items will be part of the digital tender documents in addition to a bill of quantities. In iTWO civil, you can provide the geometric models with additional information and supply the required data formats such as CPIXML or IFC.

By linking model data with costs and times as so-called BIM 5D, the entire digital process of a construction site can be mapped. The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) supports collaboration throughout the entire BIM workflow. In this way, you also gain significant time and quality in execution planning and construction management in road construction, civil engineering and sewer construction.

BIM 5D for planning, construction and operation

construction execution and operation processes will be advantageously included from the beginning. Three process examples:


Using data consistently without data discontinuity

The 3D bodies, such as earthworks or alignments, are enriched with information on construction, i.e. deadlines (4D) and costs (5D), and passed on loss-free during the course of the project. Thanks to this comprehensive information model, you can, for example, act more quickly in the event of disruptions in order to avoid construction delays.


Quantities as the key to successful projects

iTWO's model-based quantity takeoff offers measurable advantages because excavation, measurements and invoicing can be created, checked and approved digitally throughout the project, even in complicated situations such as earth removal on slopes. Optimized earth mass logistics are the key to successful projects.


Flexible CAD-BIM integration for productive teamwork

iTWO civil supports all proven 3D data formats in road, civil engineering and sewer construction. And it offers comprehensive BIM process support with the CPIXML* or IFC and BCF formats. This allows you to cooperate with clients, project partners and subcontractors in a completely flexible way.


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A look into the model-based work methodology

BIM 5D : Geometry (=3D) + Scheduling (4D) + Cost (5D) map the entire project to completion. 
Take a look at the integrative BIM 5D working methodology in road construction and civil engineering,

> Route planning > Station-by-station generation of route bodies > Data transfer and attribution (REB quantity)

> Model control > Specification (element assignment to the service specifications) > Quantity calculation

> Quantity transfer to BOQ > Preliminary costing/quotation costing > Determination of contract services

 Process simulation > Scheduling > Teams and equipment/material usage "just in time" > Reduction of idle time

> Model-oriented representation of reporting periods > Visual monitoring of targets > Inspection during construction

BIM 5D gives you control over your project

  • Planning quality through variant analyses
  • Schedule reliability through 4D construction process models
  • Cost security through daily updated quantity data
  • MMC data exchange with iTWO baseline / ITWO 5D
  • IFC, CPIXML, BCF data exchange with iTWO civil
  • Optimal use of resources, e.g. several project teams
  • Improved project marketing through early realistic mapping
  • Further use of data for operation and maintenance of the structure

Digitalization Partner: RIB Software

  • Many years of experience with digitization processes in the construction industry
  • Integrated digital workflows from a single source or software house (CAD, AVA, BIM, ERP, Finance, etc.)
  • Member of buildingSMART and collaboration on IFC Rail and IFC Road standards

* CPI = Construction Process Integration, XML = Extensible Markup Language, strukturierte Auszeichnungssprache.
buildingSMART e. a competence network for BIM and the digitalization of the construction industry. RIB is a long-standing member of buildingSMART e. V. and is involved in defining the IFC Rail and IFC Road standards.

Building Smart

Building Smart

Achievements with BIM in road construction and civil engineering

From the municipal building yard to the Autobahn GmbH, from the surveying office to the construction group.
RIB offers the leading CAD and BIM project software to many well-known companies. Learn more. German language only.

Durchgängig digitaler BIM-Prozess im Rohrleitungsbau
Startklar für das modellorientierte und objektorientierte Arbeiten

Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung

Hohe Transparenz im Planungsprozess | Erleichterte Koordination der Planungsbeteiligten | BIM als allumfassende Methode sichert die Qualität im Projekt

Karl Krumpholz Rohrbau GmbH

„Ziel ist es, die Vorteile aus den neuen, digitalen Prozessen immerzu bestmöglich zu nutzen und den Arbeitsablauf von Tief- und Rohrleitungsbaustellen auf diese Weise kontinuierlich zu verbessern." ...

EUROVIA Deutschland

"Die positiven Erfahrungen mit der Software STRATIS, haben uns dazu bewogen, auch bei einem neuen, BIM-fähigen Softwaresystem auf den Anbieter RIB aus Stuttgart zu setzen."


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