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Excavations for single buildings or complex industrial facilities, artificial lakes, harbors, clarifiers, sports facilities or earth filling for garbage dumps, levees or embankments are generally referred to as earthworks.

With targeted guidance from an assistant, you can generate your earthworks quickly, interactively and thus extremely efficiently. In addition, they show dynamic behavior on the occasion of plan alterations.


The iTWO civil earthworks application contains the following comprehensive solutions:

  • Assistant for the interactive creation of complex earthworks
  • Calculation of hillside excavations, inclined surfaces or embankments
  • Automatic sectioning with a digital site model
  • Variable design of slope elements, work spaces and berms
  • Data preparation as per REB for handover, e.g. to a construction machine or as test data
  • Directly employable for quantity calculation from horizons
  • Accounts for soil layer models

Excavation with several sub-components, e.g. supporting foundations 

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