Cross sections are handled in iTWO civil and linked intelligently to all alignment-related information such as gradients, widths and cross slopes. Up-to-date and efficient tools provide for innovative processing all the way to quantity calculation and test data generation.

Some possibilities for dynamic cross-section editing in iTWO civil:

  • Alignment-related determination of cross-section projects
  • Working with alternatives for different phases of the project
  • Simple creation of standard profiles through extensive assembly catalogs
  • Positionally flexible assignment of standard profiles
  • Dynamic linkage of the standard profiles with alignment-related information
  • Integration of secondary alignments or pipe trenches
  • High flexibility thanks to diverse construction possibilities
  • High transparency thanks to position-related storage of all constructions carried out
  • Logical and mathematical condition queries and use in subsequent stages
  • Administration of construction macros for further use in the same and other projects
  • REB-conforming quantity calculation
  • Generation of test data for quantity verification
  • Generation of itemized quantity lists for billing

TIP: From boundary lines you can derive staking data or the formation level horizon for construction.

Assembly catalogs

By making use of assembly catalogs, you can create your standard profile and assign this to the corresponding position in the cross-section project. To this end, you can use the extensively pre-defined assembly catalogs for the various different building disciplines. All assembly catalogs receive a description of the assemblies with their qualities and a detailed preview graphic.

Here, the possibility arises of defining your own assemblies and extending the catalog in question. The parameters of their characteristics can be quickly and comfortably altered or adjusted when they are put together into a standard cross-section. In this way, you can create alternative assemblies in the easiest possible way. The extensive assembly catalog can be added to with your own alternative assemblies.

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