BIM AVA Integration

From planning to execution with BIM


BIM (Building Information Modeling) has established itself in the construction industry and is now a prerequisite for many clients in project management. RIB supports the BIM way of working through seamless BIM - AVA integration.  This so-called BIM 5D approach closes the gap between planning and execution by combining all service descriptions (qualities), costs and time or process components required for object supervision or construction execution in the model.

  • Complete process-oriented data integration from the CAD model to project completion, including construction sequence, resource planning and scheduling
  • Support of the IFC standard* (Open BIM) as well as the CPIXML standard (RIB Software) for BIM model data
  • Collaboration and communication according to BCF** standard on the platform
  • Further data exchange formats according to GAEB, REB, etc. in the latest version in each case
  • Integration of modern BIM content platforms such as DBD BIM (Dynamische BauDaten)



RIB BIM 5D closes the gap between planning and execution


* Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are a platform-independent, international standard of buildingSMART e.V. (ISO-16739) for the digital description of 3D building models in civil engineering. In an IFC data model, building structures are mapped together with their associated attributes and further qualified in the BIM process.

** BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is an open file format for the coordination of interdisciplinary content in the BIM working method. For example, comments, screenshots, protocols or instructions on models can be shared with project partners.

*** CPIXML - Construction Process Integration. Standard for the transfer / integration of 3D construction models in structural and civil engineering of RIB Software GmbH.

Exemplary model integration for the AVA (TAI) process

The digital data transfer from 3D CAD models saves error-prone changes between CAD (plan) and AVA system. With BIM model integration, you visually define the design of the building elements. You can then generate quantities, service descriptions and cost estimates for further AVA planning from the defined equipment.

Model integration in structural and civil engineering

The model transfer in structural and civil engineering is very flexible with iTWO 5D. Both CPIXML formats and IFC formats are supported here. A real-time integration is also available for Autodesk Revit.

Model integration in road construction and civil engineering

Infrastructure (road and civil engineering, sewer construction) currently uses CPIXML as the preferred and most powerful data exchange format.
[CPI = Construction Process Integration]

Open 3D model integration

With RIB iTWO BIM-5D, geometry models can be merged in the BIM-5D project database independently of the trade and from all common 3D CAD programs. By means of check functions (3D check), iTWO ensures that design errors (e.g. missing attribute assignments, overlaps, etc.) are already detected before the CAD data is imported.

Geometry model coordination

The iTWO "Quality-Gate" ensures conflict- and error-free models by coordinating and communicating the merging of business models. This includes the creation of task and release processes (attribution, document review, etc.), the resolution of collision reports/problems, and the assignment of responsibilities and deadlines using BCF (BIM Collaboration Format). Result: The construction process becomes safer, and preliminary planning can be significantly optimized. Only when all designs are correct do you release the planning for execution.



Standardized BIM data for optimized AVA processes

BIM takes the design, construction and operation of buildings to a new level. Qualified BIM models require high-quality content such as texts, qualities, construction services with orientation prices, etc. This is provided by a content platform such as DBD-BIM in conjunction with RIB iTWO.

This is provided by a content platform such as DBD-BIM in conjunction with RIB iTWO. Together, the two form a completely consistent DIN standard for BIM and AVA in all phases of design and construction. The seamless integration of DBD-BIM into the iTWO object book as well as into iTWO cost determination ensures easy applicability and the best possible data integration. You can generate your specifications, quantities, construction costs and deadlines "at the push of a button", error-free and time-saving.

The advantages of DBD-BIM

  • Define qualities and costs clearly in the iTWO AVA dialog
  • Include construction services and prices
  • Look up DIN standards and VDI guidelines
  • Cost evaluation parallel to CAD modeling
  • Immediate integration via BIM-LV container in ITWO AVA



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