AKVS Costs for road construction measures


Consistent cost management according to AKVS*

RIB iTWO AVA solution AKVS offers a comprehensive and convenient cost management according to the instruction for cost determination and estimation of road construction measures (AKVS 2014) of the BMVI. This is done alphanumerically or model-based (BIM) - so all integration options of iTWO AVA are open to you. You can, for example, generate model-based specifications or assign costs in detail to activities via a schedule and integrate them into the project workflow.

  • Continuous project flow from planning to execution in an iTWO project
  • Cost planning according to AKVS and RAB-ING with versioning, variants and document status
  • Time-based representation of costs and preview
  • Integral also BIM/model-based cost monitoring and continuous cost management


The added values of iTWO AKVS

  • AVA completely integrated
  • Cost calculations according to AKVS can be combined individually in the project
  • Costs according to RAB-ING 2016 
  • Organizational structures (workflows)
  • Multi-level approvals at different points in time
  • Integration of the standard service catalog (STLK)
  • Structuring according to technical / construction part-oriented aspects (BIM-5D)
  • Cost comparisons possible in real time after completion
  • Determination of actual costs


RAB-ING = Guidelines for the preparation of structural designs for civil engineering structures


iTWO ermöglicht alle Stufen der Kostenermittlung und ein detailliertes Kostenmanagement nach AKVS durchgängig in einem Projekt

Construction costs and BIM in road construction according to AKVS and STLK

BIM-Kostenplanung und Ausschreibung nach STLK            

With the DBD-BIM content platform of Dynamic Construction Data, cost planning and tendering has now become much easier and more user-friendly thanks to networking with the catalogs of road construction. As an interface between STLB-Bau, STLK and AKVS, DBD-BIM enables time-saving application in road construction through construction equivalent components. Networking based on Dynamic Construction Data technology also provides current construction costs for AKVS and STLK construction services. For users, data in civil engineering and road construction is easily available via countless sample templates. The data is divided into the following areas: a) Road construction services according to AKVS b) Road superstructure construction methods according to RStO.

The BIM data can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Features for exchange information requests (AIA)
  • model-based cost planning (LPH 2 - LPH 6 / HOAI)
  • classical cost planning with elements (LPH 2 - LPH 6)
  • model-based tendering (LPH 6)
  • model-based quotation costing
  • Features for attributed IFC models (LPH 8 and others)

Your need!?

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of AKVS costs, AVA and BIM individually related to your task.


* Background 
More cost transparency in the planning and construction process

The "Instruction on Cost Determination and Estimation of Road Construction Measures" adopted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) in 2014 is the basis for cost management in federal trunk road construction. Info: Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport

It covers, on the one hand, the project-related costs (special-purpose expenditures) for new construction and expansion, conversion and extension, and, on the other hand, the maintenance and renewal of roads, engineering structures and special facilities such as fuel and service stations. 

Cost management encompasses all measures relating to cost determination, cost reconciliation and cost review, as well as the estimation and updating of costs for road construction measures throughout the entire planning and construction process.

The goals of the instruction are

  • Creating cost transparency by specifying a clear cost structure
  • Improve the traceability of cost development of a cost evaluation
  • Improve the possibility of corrections through timely identification of cost risks in the course of planning and construction implementation
  • Ensuring a standard of cost evaluation

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