The digital transformation in the iTWO BIM 5D LAB

BIM: New thinking, new working methods, new technology

The BIM working method represents a cultural shift in construction because its integrative approach stands in contrast to traditional, phase-oriented (HOAI) strategies.

From the continuous, central and object-based administration and coordination of project information, new aspects of collaboration arise:

  • Strategic project preparation and extensive planning-of-planning
  • Thinking backwards from the goal and forwards through the life-cycle from the start of the project
  • BIM demands and stimulates collaboration between partners
  • Shared, contractually regulated goal definition and action
  • Open, transparent handling of problems and weaknesses
  • Shared project success and responsibility *

BIM or BIM 5D brings fundamental organizational changes for all those involved in construction: New responsibilities have to be defined, new working methods and processes implemented. Conversion to a new IT / software system must take place; enormous data quantities must be collected, processed and stored.

    *List as per: ZukunftBAU research initiative's BIM guidelines for Germany.

The lab for BIM 5D: Build first virtually then for real

To translate new thinking into new working methods and new technologies, RIB has developed the iTWO 5D LAB. Here, construction projects are simulated in real time using realistic project data, before they are built physically. The technical and economic details of a project are virtually processed by the project teams involved, and conflicts can be resolved before they become a problem on the building site.

In 5D LAB, the expertise of investors, building contractors and architects comes together with the specialist knowledge of construction experts such as project developers or construction firms in order to create optimal concepts for construction projects. With the aid of iTWO 5D, these include as much technical as time-specific and financial parameters.

iTWO 5D Lab

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5D Institut

The iTWO 5D – Institute for Integral Planning and Construction GmbH is a shared company of RIB Software SE and the Technical University of Central Hesse in Gießen. Its construction experts and IT specialists support builders, architects, planners and construction companies in implementing the complex requirements that result from BIM in the most intelligent way and in relation to the actual demands.

It offers project-related consultation for sustainable work with 5D BIM, practical training and innovative solutions on the path towards digital planning and construction.

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