Digitalisation in the iTWO LAB

iTWO LAB - The Driver for your digital transformationDer Antrieb für Ihre digitale Transformation

Together we simulate your project data for your future iTWO working environment.

The iTWO LAB offers our customers in the construction and real estate industry maximum orientation in the digitalization of their planning, project and company processes in the shortest possible time. In the iTWO LAB, you use an ideal virtual IT environment with your project data for a compact introduction to individually selected processes. Using the simulation of your future iTWO working environment, you define project goals in the team and evaluate their results. The iTWO LAB thus replaces time-consuming pilot phases and is the first milestone in further goal-oriented implementation. It enabled your teams to have a common understanding of the added value of digitization and the project goals regarding the introduction of iTWO.


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OuriTWO LAB in Guangzhou, China

The DNA for a successful transformation

In addition to clarifying basic requirements and issues of new digital ways of working, the main focus of the iTWO LAB is that the participants gain concrete practical experience and carry out the work steps, although under guidance, but still independently. This is how the essential points come together: Real project data of the customer, transparent iTWO processes directly in the software as well as communication and exchange of all key users.

Our focus? Enabling collaboration across all departments from planning to project completion. This enables our clients to hit the ground running with digital transformation, transforming new thinking into new ways of working and new technology.

Through the iTWO LAB, all stakeholders come together and can define the basis for further project steps in a practical manner. In this way, we support the customer in gaining more security in the decision-making process.

Cross-industry for any company size

In iTWO LAB, the know-how of investors, contractors and architects is bundled with the expertise of construction experts such as project developers or construction companies in order to develop optimal concepts for construction projects. With the help of iTWO 5D, these include the technical and time-specific as well as financial parameters.

BIM or BIM 5D mean fundamental organizational changes for all parties involved in construction: New responsibilities have to be defined, new working methods and processes have to be implemented. There is a need to switch to new IT / software, enormous amounts of data have to be collected, processed and stored.

» Start your Digital Transformation now in the iTWO LAB «


5D Institut

iTWO 5D - Institut für Integrales Planen und Bauen GmbH is a joint venture of RIB Software SE and Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen in Gießen. The construction experts and IT specialists support clients, architects, planners and contractors in implementing the complex requirements resulting from BIM as intelligently as possible in relation to their own requirements.

This is where forward-looking ideas are developed. It offers project-oriented consulting for sustainable work with 5D BIM, practical training and innovative solutions on the way to digital design and construction.


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