Software implementation and project work

  “The secret to success is constancy of purpose.”

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

For forward thinkers

The iTWO LAB offers the unique opportunity to experience the entire process of iTWO software implementation, from planning to the final billing.

Successful introduction in your company through targeted project management

For a successful introduction of the software solution in your enterprise landscape, not only the standard, functional training of the users is required, but also the continuous employment of the results over all applications and divisions and the creation of templates and standards, for example the recognition of improvement potential with the aid of controlling evaluations. The shared goal here is the analysis and optimization, as required, of existing business processes.


This is what marks out our software implementation and project work from the rest:

  • Fixed contact as project leader during the period of implementation
  • Creation of a detailed project plan and maintenance thereof throughout the period of implementation
    • Coordination of technical and scheduling activities across all applications  
    • Regular, transparent presentation of the status of the contractual services regarding deadlines and budgets
    • Documentation of the results of work under a uniform procedure
  • Conception of introduction and training plan
  • Planning and moderation of project groups

Software launch services

Organization and process consultation

Consultation services:

  • Analysis of ACTUAL processes, creation of PLANNED concept
  • Creation of process documentation
  • Advice on the master data model
  • Adjustment of the technical and functional profile of requirements
  • Determination of the order of launch, e.g.
    • Headquarters, subsidiaries, joint ventures/bidding consortia
    • First structural, then civil
  • Optimization of process organization
  • Analysis of reporting
  • User workshops and support on site
Technical consultation and IT consultation

Our technical and IT consultation makes sure that all the conditions are met in the hardware and networking field for smooth deployment of the software.

Consultation services:

  • Analysis and conception of the hardware and software installation
  • Support in defining system requirements
  • Consultation and support in the implementation of data security
  • Consultation and support in carrying out data migration/transfer
  • Software distribution
  • Advice on database organization
Installation in-house

Our IT specialists take over all installation and update tasks for your RIB products on site


  • Installation of the software on your server and workplaces
  • System test of client server, multi-user environment and its documentation
  • Functional testing of essential program functions
  • System administrator instruction in administration, data backup and access rights
Installation online

With our online IT service, you can install your RIB product in your network environment and import updates comfortably and quickly. The installation takes place through online access to your desktop PC using the fastviewer software.


  • Installation or update of the software on one server and up to three workplaces, or one of the terminal servers used
  • System test of client server and multi-user environment
  • Functional testing of essential program functions

Use our experience for customer-specific adjustments, data migration and interfaces.


Customer-specific adjustment of

  • Forms
  • Print lists
  • Layout editing and insertion of company logos




Transfer of data banks from external systems as per the given data definition



Data exchange with external systems

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Creation of realization specifications
  • Development, testing and documentation
  • Implementation and instruction on site

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Your contact

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Service team

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