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In VOB tenders, about 80 to 90 percent of the offers are usually received digitally. In particular larger companies from the civil engineering sector use the electronic submission of offers. All photos: City of Gersthofen.

"The fact that we were also able to intelligently adapt the solution to our own processes convinced us right from the start".

Dr. Britta Vogt, Administrator Electronic Awarding, City of Gersthofen

Gersthofen: Further City in Bavaria with e-Awarding

Since January 2018, the city of Gersthofen in the Bavarian-Swabian district of Augsburg has been operating on the e-business platform The awarding platform is based on the RIB-iTWO technology and has been playing a pioneering role in the entire federal state for several years. The web-based solution iTWO e-Vergabe public, on which bidding companies throughout Bavaria can download current tender documents, and the associated RIB bidding tool iTWO tender are therefore familiar to most companies in handling and are valued accordingly. The city of Augsburg, for example, has been relying on the platform for more than ten years. The high clarity of the RIB solution, the user-friendliness and the service have meanwhile also convinced Gersthofen.

e-Awarding as a standard

A total of six departments in Gersthofen, including the building construction and civil engineering department, the municipal utilities, central procurement, the kindergarten administration and the IT department are now independently awarding contracts on the platform. Submissions are made via the central procurement office in Gersthofen, which is usually staffed by two employees. "We consistently separate the awarding of contracts and openings," explains Dr. Britta Vogt, administrator of the e-Awarding Platform, head of the awarding office and expert for legal issues in Gersthofen. "In our municipality, employees are entrusted with various tasks. In the case of substitution, colleagues from our specialist departments have to help out at the central procurement office," she adds. In Gersthofen, we all fill out various functions, just like myself.

Together with your colleague Mirko Liebert and another administrator, Dr. Vogt is in charge of the RIB awarding platform. She is mainly responsible for introducing colleagues from the city to electronic procurement, monthly working groups on digital procedures and information on procurement law issues. As the city's IT manager, Liebert is primarily responsible for training courses on technical topics, such as creating and working with GAEB* files.

*GAEB (Joint Committee on Electronics in Construction). GAEB project groups regulate the format and structure of GAEB files for the digital exchange of information on construction measures in Germany

The proportion of electronically submitted offers has increased in recent years, also for VOL tenders, such as the new furniture for the day care centre.
New furniture for a kindergarten in the city of Gersthofen: For tenders from the delivery and service sector, Dr. Ing. Britta Vogt, administrator of the RIB allocation platform, together with her team, provide comprehensive support to gradually familiarize companies with the digital process. Photo: City of Gersthofen

Digital tendering on the advance

Dr. Britta Vogt, Mirko Liebert and the employees of the specialist departments in Gersthofen particularly appreciate the clearly structured system and the quality of the customer service, both on the phone and by e-mail, with the RIB solution.

Central procurement office Gersthofen

Solution follows its own processes

All national procurement procedures exceeding a contract value of € 25,000 are handled exclusively via the e-procurement platform. With the exception of EU-wide procedures, which since 18 October 2018 can only be carried out electronically, the city currently receives both digital and paper bids from bidding companies. The proportion of offers submitted electronically is already relatively high. In VOB** tenders, about 80 to 90 percent of the bids are usually received digitally. Larger companies from the civil engineering sector in particular appreciate the digital submission of bids with iTWO tender. For tenders from the supply and service sector (VOL*** procedure), for example at car dealerships, paper is still used across the board. "Smaller companies in particular are still struggling with the digital submission of offers," reports Dr. Vogt. "In this sector, the rate is currently around 50 percent, and the trend is also rising," she adds. For this reason, the administrator and her team also offer a great deal of support in familiarizing the companies with the digital process step by step.

Advantages of iTWO e-Vergabe public:

> Clearly structured system

> Good quality of customer service

> Intelligent authorization and role concept

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