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Structural member design

general structural engineering design procedure
integrated structural engineering design tools
efficient and transparent report generation

Engineering Tools - Structural Member Design

RTec EXPERT -  Expert version of structural member design tool collection

RTec - Standard version of structural member design tool collection

RTool - Collection of detail & member design for efficient engineering proofs

Analysis & design of continuous reinforced concrete beams

BALKEN - Continuous beam for reinforced and prestressed concrete, structural steel as well as timber design

Analysis & design of reinforced concrete columns

RTbest EXPERT - Expert version for rc-column for general cross-sections & prestressing

RTbest - Single or multi-storey reinforced concrete columns

RTbest firedesign - Option for structural fire design for reinforced concrete column

Analysis & design of reinforced concrete footings

RTfooting EXPERT - RC-footing for arbitrary, circular, block & tubular shapes

RTfooting - Rectangular reinforced concrete footing

Analysis & design of prestressed concrete girders

RTfermo building -  Prefabricated single-span girder for building constructions

RTfermo bridge - Prefabricated single-span girder for bridge constructions

RTfermo buckling - Lateral buckling analysis for precast member beams in cracked state

Analysis & design of special structural members

RTcdesign - Design of  concrete cross-sections

RTzwax - Design of arbitrarily polygonal reinforced & prestressed concrete cross-sections

RTslab - calculation, design and evaluation of plane, rectangular & polygonal slab systems

RTgluelam - Design of wide span gluelam hall girders

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