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FEM-Solutions for structural engineering systems

Load model
Analysis tasks
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FEM tools for Structural Engineering

TRIMAS fem - General 3D FEM-System including framed structures

TRIMAS fem 64bit - General 3D FEM-System as 64bit-Application 

TRIMAS frame - 3DFEM-System  for framed structures

TRIMAS frame 64bit - 3D FEM-System for framed structures as 64bit-Application 

TRIMAS COMPACT - 3D FEM-System Startup Version

Options for TRIMAS® & PONTI®

New: RTsteeldesign - Verification of critical stresses for steel constructions 

New: RTtimberdesign - Verification of critical stresses for timber constructions   

RTprestress - Prestressing feature for beams, plates & shells

RTconstructionStages - Modelling of construction stages in general structures

RTnlgeo - Evaluation of large displacements & rotations

RTnlmat - Evaluation of cracked state in 3D beam analysis

RTsoilStructure - Modelling of soil structure interaction

RTstability - Stability analysis for general structures

RTfrequency - Frequency analysis for general structures

RTearthquake - Earthquakeanalysis for general structures 

RTcompositeSteel - Modelling and design of composite steel/concrete girders

RTcompositeSteelPre - Prefabricated composite steel/concrete girder

RTcompositeSteelBox - Boxed composite steel/concrete girder

RTcompositeConcrete - Modelling and design of composite concrete girders

RTslsBuilding - Structural engineering servicability limit state design

RTslsBuilding&Bridge - Structural & bridge engineering servicability limit state design

Modelling scale
Modelling levels
Modelling tasks

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