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Geotechnical solutions for Ground Engineering

Models & Geotechnical Proofs
GUI & Integrated Solutions
Report Configuration & Layout

Engineering tools - Geotechnical member design

RTgeo - Collection of geotechnical engineeing tools

Analysis & design of geotechnical wall systems

RTwalls EXPERT - Expert version for retaining walls incl. wall design tool

RTwalls - Basic version for retaining walls incl. wall design tool

RTpinwalls - Analysis & design of underpinning wall

RTlimes - Analysis & design of angular retaining and gravity walls

RTgabion - Analysis & design of gabion walls

Analysis & design of pipes, piles, slopes and embankments

RTpipe - Analysis & design of buried pipes and jacking pipes

RTpile - Analysis & design of planar and spatial pile structures

RTslope - Evaluation of the slope and embanbkment stability

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