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RIBTEC® - structural engineering software

The office integrated software allows structural member design and CAD/ FEM-applications at the same time for structural and soil engineering as well as for sophisticated tunnel and bridge constructions.

A wide range of multi-purpose tools are available which cover routine work as well as challenging engineering tasks in the high-end range.

RIBTEC® includes all structural engineering tools. An object oriented, context sensitive functionality under Windows® is the base for excellent comfort in application and high security in usage. All applications have the background of more than 45 years of software development in the area of structural and geotechnical analysis, design and construction. The available  engineering tools are supplemented by an overall office- and project-management application.

Pay per project - now for structural engineers!

Do you need a project-related specialised structural engineering software and you're not able or it may be not profitable to buy the software at the moment? Please find your individual solution right here!

Silke Bauer

Your RIB sales contact for Structural Engineering Silke Bauer Tel.: +49 711 7873-157 eMail: structuralengineering[at]

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