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Quantity take off

The calculation of quantities on the basis of objects is highly efficient. It assigns all identical objects to the appropriate item in the specifications in a single session.

During the processing, elements that have already been recorded are automatically marked so that an element cannot be allocated twice by mistake within the same item. The labelling in the plan is added automatically. You can place these texts anywhere you wish.

Alternatively, you can use a short or long results list. You decide what content the lists should have and whether the coordinates and calculation methods should also be printed. The calculation log, results list and the uniquely labelled CAD plan thus offer a verifiable basis for the invoice.

The optimum solution is using the CAD data of STRATIS directly in the RIB solution iTWO. The specification of works and the costing are organised in RIB iTWO as well as information such as the short text or the unit of quantity. The exact quantities are tranferred out of the plan for e.g. estimating, cost controlling or invoicing in RIB iTWO.

  • Quantities Take-Off from 'As-Built'-plans automatically
  • Detailed Quantity Take-Off
  • Selecting all elements of similar type in one step
  • Visualisation all quantities of one item
  • Updating of an item

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