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Infrastructure-Management / GIS

Sewers, water, specific objects: Intelligent and flexible information

A database administers the geometrical information together with the site data. The plan and the site data are available in a shared CAD interface.

You can configure and extend the whole of the database content to meet your requirements. A clearly structured wizard supports you in generating reports.

When establishing a sewer network you have the options of creating it by design, carrying out a local land survey or importing the data via the standard interface ISYBAU.

  •  All design tools and database access functions in one interface
  • An open database structure can be individually configured and extended
  • Simple evaluations for individual queries
  • Fast generating of theme plans
  • The allocation to damage categories, the inclusion of TV inspections and historical data management enable refurbishment projects to be planned to best effect
  • Infrastructure data as an information workplace

TV inspection data

The use of TV inspection data means that the damage can be classified automatically. Ideally, you can use STRATIS® to administer the history of TV inspections, and display this information accordingly. This means that a refurbishment and repair plan can be created quickly and economically. You can then quickly use the stored catalogue of measures and costs to create a refurbishment proposal - including a cost estimate and informative images.

water grid networks

In addition to sewer networks, STRATIS® can also be used to plan water grid networks. A sketch drawn to scale combines the shaft, reach and junction graphics into a meaningful A4 page with the associated site information.

Sewer and water pipe construction.

The software offers you a calculation program for the calculation of quantities in sewer and water pipe construction. You can take the data directly from the database, import them in ISYBAU format or record them from local on-site measurements.

Local infrastructure administration

There are also many supplementary tools for a number of other topics in local infrastructure administration. STRATIS® enables you to create a tree or street lighting register or to administer telecommunication, electricity and gas lines. Registers of green spaces, playgrounds, biotopes and cemeteries can also be easily created. And as always, you determine the type and scope of the information.

RIB mobile component

A mobile component is a valuable supplementary resource for the management of existing data: RIB mobile runs on Pocket PCs and allows data to be recorded on site in the pre-contract phase or during the building work in the form of text, images and photographs, then coordinated with the stationary STRATIS® system at the push of a button.

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