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Designing Cross-Sections

Dynamism and variability for building contractors and planners alike

  • Automatic generating of standard cross-sections by intelligent modules offers planning confidence
  • Comprehensive solutions for road construction, bridge construction and coastal and inland waterway construction
  • Dynamism throughout
  • Integration of several axes
  • A tried and tested working resource in the construction industry
  • The steps of the work are logged
  • Automated processing of informative cross-section drawings

RQ Designer

RQ Designer enables you to create different standard cross-sections easily and quickly. The software helps you to combine individual modules in a clearly structured and professionally competent way. It offers not only classical modules for road construction, but also modules for bridge construction and for coastal and inland waterway structures.

Dynamic cross-sections

Correction of cross-section and quantity calculation automatically

In contrast with static cross-section processing, dynamic administration means that changes which are made in the initial data are recognised. The project is always up to date. In addition, you can edit any design cross-section that has been recorded, change values or add variables. This high degree of freedom enables you to handle even the most complex tasks transparently and without losing the clarity of structure in your project.

Quantities and Drawings

Edge lines serve as the basis for quantity calculations. The surfaces are coloured immediately after the quantities have been calculated, so visual and numerical monitoring is possible at once. An export of the results for test calculations is obligatory.

All steps which you carry out in cross-section processing are logged. Whether you adjust the invoicing process individually for specific stages, or whether you make fundamental changes in the modules in the design phase. The dynamism and the logging function quickly provide you with updated calculations, quantities and drawings. The drawing is prepared directly.

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