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Design Alignment

Powerful modules for alignment design, alignment optimisation and alignment calculations are the foundation of road construction. An alignment generator enables preliminary designs to be generated quickly. Numerous calculations, e.g. mandatory points or corresponding cross-sections, support you in diagnosis and optimisation. This means that planning the line of the road is child's play.

Road Planning, Intersection

An intersection wizard helps you to design intersections. You define the design parameters, and the program immediately implements them on the screen. You can design crossroads (droplet-shaped and triangular traffic islands, three-centre curves) or roundabouts.

The calculations comply with the applicable regulations and recommendations. Changes are possible at any time, and they are immediately implemented. This gives you a high degree of scope, even in constricted situations.

  • Design of Intersections
  • Guidance by Design Standards
  • Dynamic changes (turning lanes, traffic islands)
  • Allocation of objects

Tractrix calculation

The most important requirement is that a junction works in traffic situations. Reference vehicles are available to help you to demonstrate this. You can supplement the extensive catalogue by adding extra vehicles. The tractrix simulation function gives you an elegant way of verifying different situations.


  • Longitudinal section
  • Cross-sections

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