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The easiest way to check a digital ground model is a 3D visualisation. You can visualise 3D ground models and road designs directly in STRATIS® and view them from all directions. The presentation becomes realistic with textures, flexible light source placement and the use of collage. Films are a particularly convincing type of presentation.

Apart from film script functions, there is also an automatic function to process planning data for animated visualisation. A camera simulation is produced along your alignment line.

  • Convincing project presentationsfor the non-expert
  • Decision-making processes are accelerated by the clarity of presentation
  • Storing raster images makes the presentation even clearer
  • Camera travel along the alignment
  • Integration of animated 3D objects and real-time simulation


Driver's view within an animated film, fully parametrized

Movement and Looking under the ground

The direct interface to the VIS-All® system from Software-Service John extends the 3D visualisation by adding shade simulation, 3D flood simulation or animated 3D objects such as people walking and trees growing. A special highlight for civil engineering is the view under the ground. You can use this to gain a rapid visual impression of the supply and disposal situation for a district.

Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) / Google Earth

STRATIS data displayed in Google Earth

If you want to export the data to other visualisation systems, you can simply create a universally readable format with significant data capable of Internet processing. You can also enhance the image with symbols.

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