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New cars in their best light

The Service Centre has been reserved for the new range of Mercedes Benz cars: new cars can be viewed there and test-driven. Who would not like to take a look at the latest innovations of Mercedes Benz after immersing himself in the history of the Stuttgart car manufacturer? The Service Centre also stages changing exhibitions on research and safety themes as well as design and motor sport. The design of this building - just as much of a challenge as that of the museum opposite – is the brainchild of Kohlbecker Architects and Engineers from Gaggenau.

Smooth data exchange

Founded in 1930, the architecture and engineering company from Gaggenau has been using AVA and project control software from RIB Software AG for many years. After a large number of successful projects with the AVA solution IDEALOG from RIB, Kohlbecker decided in 2001 to buy the successor RIB Construction Suite – the solution for process- and workflow-oriented construction project management. “Manual transfers in the tender process are inconceivable nowadays,” explains project manager Jörn Wächtler. Today‘s design and construction timeframes are far narrower, as can be seen in the case of the Mercedes Benz Service Centre, that had to be completed at exactly the same time as the museum. “A tender as large as this demands an intelligent software solution,” maintains Wächtler. All the tenders of the various sectoral planners involved in the project – from the design of the facade to facility management – are combined via the GAEB-XML interface into in a general contractor tender. “We hardly ever have any data exchange problems as the AVA system provided by RIB Construction Suite is the first software on the market with a certified GAEB interface which gives us the necessary security. This function is indispensable for a project like the Mercedes Benz Service Centre, - RIB software enables us to pass on data to everyone involved in the project.” Data exchange with the Mercedes Benz factory designers, who also work with RIB Construction Suite, is even easier.

Error-free and always up to date

RIB Construction Suite also offers extreme convenience and accuracy for price comparison management. Here in particular, manual processing would be out of the question for the architecture and engineering company due to the number of error sources. Also, the easy compilation of works specifications saves the Gaggenau designers time. 

Another aspect appreciated is the extensive training programme offered by RIB. Two employees of the Kohlbecker company keep up to date on innovations from RIB – especially concerning data exchange and the creation of price comparisons – and attend courses in the Stuttgart headquarters. “In this way we always know the latest software functions and can use them straight away.“

Kohlbecker Architekten und Ingenieure was founded in 1930 and has 110 employees on the payroll. Headquartered in Gaggenau, the company has been using RIB solutions ever since 1978, and acquired the AVA and project control software RIB Construction Suite in 2000. 

Photos: Kohlbecker Architekten & Ingenieure GmbH, Gaggenau

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