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EUROVIA also has the job of ensuring optimum traffic routing in the city centre while work is being done on the building sites
The RIB solution is ideal for construction projects requiring cross-company use of the software as well as projects on the scale of the Cologne road development work.

Cologne branch of EUROVIA starts project and cost management with RIB

From mining via the production of road building materials and construction itself through to road management: EUROVIA covers the entire value added chain to meet the current and future requirements of its customers and motorists. With a workforce of 38,500 employees, the subsidiary of the VINCI Group is one of the leading traffic route engineering companies, maintaining 300 branches, 790 building material factories and logistic centres for road aggregate supplies all over the world. In Germany alone, the company employs about 3,800 people. All businesses of EUROVIA in Germany are certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. In 1999, EUROVIA GmbH was founded in Germany by successfully joining the business areas of TEERBAU GmbH and VBU Verkehrsbau GmbH.

Modernised traffic routing

The Cologne branch of EUROVIA Teerbau GmbH is currently realising an urban development project in two roads in Cologne, the Mielenforster Straße and the Leuchterstraße. Renovation work in the Mielenforster Straße began in January: The former road material had to make way for new asphalt and gravel. The construction site crew managed by Christian Jacobs is building a wide pavement with new kerbstones, parking spaces and new street lighting. In the Leuchterstraße, the Cologne branch is altering a junction and building a new roundabout to improve the flow of traffic. The city of Cologne and the utility company Rhein Energie are investing 330,000 Euro in the project. The construction work on both sites is scheduled for completion by July at the latest, as the public client is planning to modernise a bridge in the immediate vicinity when the schools break up for the summer holidays. And not only the time schedule is important: EUROVIA also has the job of ensuring optimum traffic routing in the city centre while work is being done on the building sites. A 400 metre stretch of the Mielenforster Straße has therefore been turned into a one-way street for the duration of the construction work. This has given the construction company the space to keep the building material. In the Leuchterstraße, Christian Jacobs and his crew solved the problem by routing the traffic over a temporary asphalt track where the pavement will eventually be built.

Data transfer at the press of a button

This development is the first project of branch manager Ralf Karg and his team to be fully handled with RIB CSuite software. The EUROVIA Group introduced the project and cost management software of the RIB company in the Bottrop headquarters in February. The system was installed at the Cologne branch in June 2008. As several active projects were still entered in the company’s previous cost management tool there, the branch decided to start working with the new system when starting on a new construction project. “There are several obvious advantages,” says site manager Jacobs, who has already used STRATIS, another software solution of the RIB company, for many years to do the invoicing of construction work. The project management software and the road and civil engineering system of the Stuttgart manufacturer communicate extremely well.

STRATIS software enables Christian Jacobs to design invoicing plans for the different construction stages from the electronically recorded points.

At the same time, a library of works is compiled in the background with the RIB project management system, enabling material quantities to be calculated. STRATIS software offers the option of direct transformation of the results to RIB CSuite. “Unfortunately, our former software system frequently came up against its limits when transferring data from STRATIS,” the site manager recounts. “The memory was generally inadequate for the information from the civil engineering software,” he adds. This invoicing data in data type 11 format then goes straight to the client – without any extra manual steps as used to be the case. After all, the city council also uses RIB software.

Standard software

The fact that Cologne also works with the RIB system offers advantages for the branch’s Engineering Office headed by Nermin Nuhic, too: “Our client sends us information in data type 83 format,” he explains. “After reading it in digitally, we are immediately able to start with our cost estimation.”

As the EUROVIA Group as a whole deals with projects of all dimensions, it has decided on a decentralised solution. This means that the headquarters in Bottrop is not the only EUROVIA site to have a server on which the software is installed. Such a server has also been implemented at Nermin Nuhic’s branch in Cologne and at every other site of the company. This solution is ideal for construction projects requiring cross-company use of the software as well as projects on the scale of the Cologne road development work. The company is able to continue estimating uninterruptedly while subcontractors submit bids to EUROVIA. And if a member of staff is off sick or on holiday for a while, none of the construction projects has to be frozen until his return, as a colleague can do the work in the system at any time.

Cross-project use

Although the Cologne branch is still in the introductory phase with the new RIB software system, Ralf Karg and his colleagues are already noticing the benefits of the new solution. For example, Christian Jacobs says that it is far easier for him to enter separate calculations for different cost centres, as he has also had to do in this project, than in the predecessor tool. The company can also benefit from past partial invoices in the system, which can be retrieved whenever needed for new projects.

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