Züblin - New Mercedes Benz Service Centre being built in Milan

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The largest Mercedes Benz Sales Center in the south of Europe took a total of 21 months to build.
To keep to the client's time and budget specifications, an optimal controlling tool is essential during each phase

Trendsetter around the globe

The completion of the Mercedes Benz World in Stuttgart Untertürkheim in 2006 laid the foundation for a uniform architectural concept for the Mercedes Benz brand: the sophisticated buildings of the renowned car manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg shape both the product and the corporate philosophy. Quality, fascination and innovation  – these are the brand values Mercedes Benz now communicates with its new branches all over the world. The trendsetter in the automotive industry is now building new Mercedes Benz Centres in the main cities of Europe and Asia with the intention of enhancing the value of brand recognition all around the globe.

The company decided to start in the bustling Italian metropolis and fashion capital Milan.  The largest Mercedes Benz sales centre in Southern Europe will take a total of 21 months to build. An experienced project team of Ed. Züblin AG has been assigned to ensure the building work is completed on time, as the opening of the Italian centre is scheduled for this Christmas already.  A team of excellently qualified  Züblin experts has taken up this challenge. Ed. Züblin AG has already successfully handled various outstanding projects for the Stuttgart car company over the last few years: the new Mercedes factories in Kölleda and Rastatt, the branches in Munich, Wiedemar and Warsaw, the factory extensions in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and Bremen and the Mercedes Benz World in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. The main highlight is undoubtedly the new Mercedes Benz Museum with the adjacent  Mercedes Benz Centre. The Italian project will now give the construction company’s engineers yet another opportunity to prove their excellent reputation.

The site is situated on the north-west boundary of the city in the immediate vicinity of the recently opened New Trade Fair Centre. The foundry that used to be on the site has been demolished and the ground levelled. Extensive decontamination measures had to be carried out before the site was sold to the Stuttgart car company. 

High brand recognition value

The so-called brand core – a conically shaped tower – is the heart and typical sign of Mercedes Benz architecture. Generous showrooms are arranged around the core on three upper storeys. The area of the building where events are staged is designed to accommodate about 2,000 people. The west side of the imposing 183 x 126 metre building houses the service department with used car sales, after-sales service, garage and component store. A 12.000 m² underground car park rounds off the Italian  representation of Mercedes Benz.

The completion of the project within the time and budget specified by the client depends on the implementation of an optimal controlling tool in every phase. As well as the Ed. Züblin AG project team led by Harald Hägele and Andreas Maier, a number of sub-contractors from Germany and other European countries are involved in this Mercedes construction project.  It is essential to have a standard controlling system for all companies involved, which is why Ed. Züblin AG chooses field-proven software for the construction of the Italian Mercedes Benz Centre: the end-to-end construction management solution of RIB Software AG.

Central project data

“RIB Construction Suite software has not only supported us in countless projects. Our company helped to invent it.”  After all, Ed. Züblin AG was one of the construction companies involved in the study group for Tendering and Contract Execution (BAR), which elaborated the specifications for construction company software together with RIB designers in 1992 . This created the basis for RIB Construction Suite: a transparent software solution covering all phases of a project from design through execution to utilisation.

“Continuous availability of data is a particularly important factor for the success of this project. This already applies to the tender action at our company and it becomes even more important during the execution of the construction work,” the project managers explain. All the data is combined in a central Citrix server solution in Stuttgart, enabling all those involved to access the project information whenever they like and also to enter new information from anywhere in the world.  This guarantees a smooth transition from carcassing to turnkey construction.  The GAEB-XML interface of the RIB solution creates the preconditions for data exchange with other German, Italian and other European subcontractors.

Documentation made easy

RIB software is also fully compatible with Microsoft Office solutions and therefore ensures transparency for work costing. Files from the RIB solution can be transferred from any software modules to Microsoft Office via XML-Export, allowing the project teams to document any type of cost change.

“Actual/planned comparisons can be clearly presented with the aid of the RIB software solution. It’s no problem to use costing data from tender documents or as the basis for contract awarding, either. After all, costing data flows from the software into our controlling system,” say Maier and Hägele in unison.

The project managers agree: the complex project management is made significantly easier by the continuous, standard concept for technical and commercial reporting.

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