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The new central bus station in Passau.

The stress analysis calculation work was shared by the company Professor Dr.-Eng. Bulicek + Ingernieure, Passau and Konrad Doblies, M. Eng, Würzburg.


Passau is a town in Eastern Bavaria, Germany, known as the City of Three Rivers because the Danube River is joined there by the Inn River from the South, and the Ilz River coming out of the Bavarian forest to the North.
The €250 million Neue Mitte Passau project , which is under the overall management of the Wohnungs- und Grundstücksgesellschaft Passau (WGP), is a large-scale project that will create around 1,000 new jobs and is intended to enhance the popularity of Passau as a shopping town.

The Passau Stadtgalerie project - involving the transformation of a former engine shed into a modern, state-of-the-art shopping centre - is an integral part of Neue Mitte Passau and is one of the largest building sites in Lower Bavaria. Construction work is scheduled for completion in autumn 2008.

One of the many design firms and construction companies working hand in hand on the project to redesign the university town is Passau-based engineering company Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure. The firm is working on static testing and overseeing the construction work on the Passau Stadtgalerie.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure has been using RIB Software's powerful three - dimensional (3D) finite element analysis and design programme TRIMAS since 1996.


RIB's software solutions are supporting the statics testing and construction supervision work by Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure.
The different levels of the buildings influence each other through mutual interaction and several storeys had to be mapped for the statics testing. RIB's software helped the engineering firm to create a three-dimensional model so they could get a realistic picture of all the deformations.

Several problems had to be solved concerning the static calculations. Some of the Stadtgalerie stands on shallow foundations and is mostly built directly onto rock. In some places, the foundation elements had to be taken down to the rock layer with bored piles.

To secure the building pit for the new shopping centre, significant work had to be performed below the level of the foundations of the existing building. To improve the load-bearing capacity and protect the existing construction, high-pressure injection and other special measures were necessary.

The Passau engineers used TRIMAS to model problem points, map them in CAD and solve them accordingly. RIB software was also used to perform comparative calculations that are completely independent of the calculation that is to be checked.


"The more complex the project, the more important it is to have a software solution that can be relied upon to solve difficult tasks. RIB's powerful statics software is proving extremely successful regardless of the complexity of the technical challenges we face."

Dipl. Eng. Siegfried Seipelt
Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure

"RIB's software solution is a variable system with numerous functions for solving complex problems. We were able to use nearly all of the features of the software when performing work for the Neue Mitte Passau project."

Professor Dipl.-Ing. Hans Bulicek
Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure

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