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In the design process, during construction and in operation: RIB offers individual solutions for all phases of a construction project. Architects and engineers rely on RIB´s budget preparation and tender processing as well as project management software solutions. Intelligent stress analysis and dimensioning systems ensure lasting success.

The reliable solution for cost estimating and cost management gives contractors an accurate overview of costs. Used in combination, RIB software solutions fit together to make a comprehensive, bespoke system for general contractors.

Case Studies

End-to-end Process Integration - B.A.C. Engineering Group 

“iTWO is one of the most modern software systems for integrated project management from preliminary planning all the way to invoicing. It offers all the features of the predecessor ARRIBA and more besides." more

“We aim to make our project management more efficient.” - Finsterwalder Bau-Union

“ With iTWO, we quickly find reliable partner companies for every project. And the RIB ERP system offers comprehensive liquidity assessment and planning. This guarantee of quality and cost certainty gives our customers efficient value added, too." more

Perfect Refurbishing of Existing Buildings - PRONAG mbh

“iTWO offers all the established functionalities for construction operations that companies have come to appreciate from working with ARRIBA, plus the highly innovative possibilities of a comprehensive 5D planning solution.” more

Perfectly integrated - Europoles GmbH & Co. KG

“In view of our excellent previous experience with this software, we subjected RIB’s iTWO Business Suite to closer scrutiny in the evaluation phase for a new solution."  more

New Urban Motorway Ringroad for Prague - Novák & Partner s.r.o.

“We have been designing bridges with RIB’s PONTI for nine years,“ says Engler. “Even for particularly unconventional constructions, the system has always given us comprehensive support,” he concludes. more

Carcassing Quantity Takeoff Time Halved by Digital Engineering and Construction Processes - WOLFF & MÜLLER

The Stuttgart-based family enterprise plans to implement iTWO software throughout the Group by the spring of 2011 and is convinced that the innovative method of working with 5D construction models will establish itself as the new standard in future. more

The Site Manager of the Virtual Model - b.i.m.m. GmbH 

"I have always felt that working with the most modern and innovative IT solutions the market has to offer is a sound basis for success in the construction industry. RIB's new iTWO software system is definitely in this league. The career I have had so far proves that my intuition was correct." more

Model-Based Engineering and Construction Processes Efficiently Implemented in Real Estate Projects - Kraneis Bauingenieure

"By reducing the workload in costing and quantity takeoff, compilation of works specifications, invoicing, and preparing tenders, the integrated solution consisting of RIB iTWO and Autodesk Revit saves about 50% of my time."  more

The Future of the Construction Industry is Based on 5D Construction Models - Ingenieurbüro Pinkert 

According to Dieter Pinkert, engineering companies can save even more, as “more planning accuracy means less deviation from the actual construction. We can save 20 to 25 percent of planning and engineering costs using the model-based method. This savings potential alone shows why the future belongs to 5D and why there is no alternative.''  more

Starting Out Into the Future - Max Bögl Group 

Max Bögl is implementing a company-wide switchover from the predecessor system ARRIBA to the new technology associated with RIB iTWO at the end of 2010. The company plans to go live with iTWO in January 2011. East European branches of the company, particularly in the Czech Republic and Poland, are to follow. more

BMW Factory Munich - Albert Weigl & Lenzer + Strutz

Without interruptions to the manufacturing process, the architect’s firm Albert Weigl and the engineering company Lenzer + Strutz designed a new hall and a store for the BMW factory in Munich. The AEC solutions of RIB Software AG provided optimal time management in the bidding process.  more

Birse Rail

"We consider RIB CSuite to be an essential tool for effective cost management. It has enabled us to improve the accuracy of our cost estimates and cost models and to increase commercial controls for a range of maintenance and repair projects stretching from London to the Scottish Borders." Rob Offord -  Finance Director - Birse Rail  more

New Mercedes Benz Service Centre being built in Milan - ED. Züblin AG

Stuttgart-based company Ed. Züblin AG built the new Mercedes Benz branch in Milan, Italy in a joint venture with the management in Stuttgart and Züblin-Systembau  more

Mercedes Benz Service Centre  - Kohlbecker Architekten & Ingenieure GmbH

The Mercedes Benz Service Centre in Stuttgart Untertürkheim is due to open at the same time as the Mercedes Benz Museum. With its large glass windows, it forms the architectural counterpart to the museum itself.

BMW - acoustic centre Aschheim - Lenzer + Strutz

As general planners, the engineers of Lenzer + Strutz were responsible for the design and project control of the ultra-modern showpiece for the automobile industry. The project lifecycle management solution of RIB ensured that cost risks were minimised in all phases of the project.  more

Max Boegl Group

"For major projects above all, with RIB CSuite we have one system for all users in the field of cost-calculation. This reduces errors and creates greater transparency for those involved. We can also process multiple bids at the same time. This will also gain financial benefits in future." Franz Rackl -  Technical Department Manager - Max Boegl Group  more

Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure

"The more complex the project, the more important it is to have a software solution that can be relied upon to solve difficult tasks. RIB's powerful statics software is proving extremely successful regardless of the complexity of the technical challenges we face." Dipl. Eng. Siegfried Seipelt - Partner - Professor Dr.-Ing. Bulicek + Ingenieure   more

Schuessler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

"In the many projects for which they have been used, RIB´s innovative software solutions have always lived up to expectations." Nicole Jaschinski - Project Manager - Schuessler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH  more

Westinghouse Rail Systems

"We consider RIB CSuite to be an essential tool for effective cost management on our projects. It has enabled us to improve the accuracy of our cost estimates and cost models throughout the pre-contract phase." Iain Cameron - Head of Project Management Process and Planning  - Westinghouse Rail Systems  more

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