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The process-oriented 5D simulation technology creates new and innovative basic conditions and opportunities for the construction industry. In the 5D work method common building information modeling (BIM) procedures are supplemented with central information on the construction process and information from all life phases of a construction project.

The technology, which has already been successfully introduced into other industrial sectors, is now being used increasingly in the construction industry. The goal is to create a continuous digital chain from planning and construction to the operation of construction works. In this way different action alternatives can already be quickly evaluated in the early project phases with regard to their effects on costs, dates and quality.

The 5D initiative is a consortium of five leading European and Arabian construction companies that work to a great extent with digital 5D construction models. The 5D initiative was established by the construction companies MAX BÖGL, ZÜBLIN / STRABAG, CCC, BAM and BALLAST NEDAM. Our goal is to create general construction industry requirements for the realisation of innovative technology by hardware and software companies.

The potential of 5D technology will be brought to the attention of practitioners in the construction industry at the first international 5D conference in Constance on 21 and 22 May. This event of the Constance University of Applied Sciences will assemble renowned construction industry representatives from around the world, who will demonstrate their practical experience in this context. We will support this event together with the sponsors PERI GmbH, RIB Software AG and Trimble Ltd.

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Konstantinos Kessoudis
Chair of the 5D Initiative 

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