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Max Bögl Builds Multi-Purpose Hall Using 5D Construction Models

When building the ratiopharm arena in Ulm Max Bögl used a 5D-ERP solution based on three-dimensional construction.

One of the 5D projects of Max Bögl Group is the multi-purpose hall rationpharm arena in Ulm. The PPP project is one of many construction projects for which the Neumarkt-based construction company used the 5D ERP solution iTWO from RIB based on three-dimensional construction models (BIM). The company strives to be a step ahead of the competition in the area of innovative construction. This demands active rethinking, exact process analysis and, most of all, a high level of commitment of the staff. According to Max Bögl, the key to success is company-wide process transparency.

New Arena for Ulm’s Basketball Team

National league basketball matches, live concerts, shows and cultural events: The Swabian cathedral city of Ulm partnered with the city of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria in January 2010 to commission the building of a new multi-purpose hall on the Volksfestplatz in Neu-Ulm. Max Bögl, Germany’s largest privately owned construction company, was responsible for the planning, construction and operation. This prestigious new building, which seats 9,000 spectators, costed the two cities around 28 million euros. It was named after the Ulm-based pharmaceutical company ratiopharm, which sponsors the Ulm basketball team of the same name. The hall was developed via a reception area on the ground floor with access to the upper floor. This is also where the boxes are situated, which can be used as separate venues. An adjacent 250-space multi-storey car park and a parking lot for another 750 cars completed the project. The hall was realised as a PPP project by the cities of Neu-Ulm and Ulm in cooperation with the Max Bögl Group. Gerhard Hupfer, Manager of Building Construction at Max Bögl, shook hands formally with the Lord Mayors of the two cities as well as the manager of the sponsor ratiopharm at the groundbreaking ceremony in July 2010.

5D Software System

All in all, modern technology played a key role in this project. Since 2011, the Neumarkt Group Max Bögl has productively worked with RIB‘s model-based project management solution iTWO. As one of the founding members of the 5D Initiative , Max Bögl is regarded as one of the most innovative representatives of the European construction industry and already has several years of intensive experience in digital engineering and construction processes. The RIB solution proved its practical relevance in the realisation of the ratiopharm arena in Ulm.

Group-wide Changeover

This project is one of several selected large-scale 5D projects for which the Neumarkt construction company used the new quantity surveying method, which bases processes and cost estimation on a three-dimensional construction model. These modern engineering and construction methods have already been tested for the carcassing work of the DC Tower in Vienna – a high-rise building with 61 floors and a four-storey underground car park. The future potential of this new work method, a preliminary end-to-end simulation of construction time, cost and a collision check of design data with BIM information from the structural plans and the mechanical electrical plumbing, is already being thoroughly analysed. On the whole, Germany’s largest privately owned construction company has gradually been managing more and more projects with the aid of construction models in recent years.

Digital planning and construction was also used in the shell of the Viennese DC Towers. Screenshot: Max Bögl

5D Project Management as Basis for Innovation

The Upper Palatinate company is aiming to be the quality and innovation leader throughout Europe. True to its corporate claim ”Progress is built on ideas”, the company intends to set the tone in the construction industry. These ideas are not only permeating the IT department. The company has also added products to its service portfolio that are to complement its traditional construction services.

As Max Bögl is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of prefabricated components, this field offers considerable potential. For example, the company used its own know-how of prefab parts to realise the ”slab track Bögl” that has already been successfully built on German high-speed routes and also in China. Other concepts that have been put into practice are HIPERCON® prefabricated components, used, for instance in machine tools. And of course, the technical feasibility of such innovations ultimately depends on information technology, according to the company. These products are based on interactive, three-dimensional models.  

Company-wide Information Portal – the Intramax

All processes at Max Bögl are based on an intelligent and transparent IT infrastructure. RIB’s iTWO system, the company’s SAP system, the Autodesk Revit construction modelling software, the Microsoft Project scheduling software and other software used in the company are all fully integrated via a central web-based information portal called the Intramax. The construction company uses this portal to handle analysis, risk management and in-house communication.

Modern technology played a decisive role in this construction project on the Neu Ulm Volksfestplatz. Photos: Duckek, company group Max Bögl

Holistic Mapping of Corporate Processes

This portal is a key component of the company’s innovative strategy. After all, innovation is always associated with change processes within a company. Transparent communication is a must. Taking the example of RIB’s new 5D technology, it soon becomes clear that the Neumarkt company had to make obvious changes in many areas to ultimately reach the target set by corporate management. And this target is ambitious. The managers of the Neumarkt construction company are aiming at cost savings of up to 20%. The company makes clear that iTWO is a strategic investment: ”Of course, it will take a few years to pay off and demand a lot of time and personal commitment from every single member of our staff on all levels of the corporate hierarchy.” Working with the 3D construction model in connection with iTWO brings a significant advantage, particularly for changes to plans. However, not all projects at Max Bögl are being fully managed with the new iTWO 5D technology yet. For some projects it is decided that it is better to use a purely alphanumeric handling method with RIB iTWO. 

An Industry in Transition

It is believed at Max Bögl Group that the trend towards digital engineering and construction is unstoppable. More and more companies are opting for the new work method. Yet the transition has only just begun. For this reason, the company is committed to exercising its powers of persuasion, particularly in connection with the contracting of its own planning services, which are usually done with the conventional 2D method. The savings of up to 20% of total construction costs are only possible if the complete planning sector is involved as early on as possible and most importantly, they are convinced of the benefits they will derive from making active use of the new 5D technology. That’s why the focus of Max Bögl Group’s commitment, besides the ongoing inspection and revision of in-house processes, is on the planning side. The strategy of Max Bögl is crystal clear. The construction company is positive it has taken the right direction by embracing 5D software technology.

The construction company Max Bögl is convinced that it took the right path with the 5D technology. Animation: ColorPoint®

This project is one of several selected 5D major projects in which the company from Neumarkt tested the new work method for quantity determination, processes and calculation based on a three-dimensional construction model. Screenshots: Max Bögl/Max Bögl, one of the biggest prefabricated component manufacturers in Europe, is striving to be the leader in quality and innovation.

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