RIB iTWO combines traditional construction planning and trail-blazing 5D planning.

The new RIB iTWO is the present and the future in planning, estimating, cost management and project controls. It complements the sector‘s traditional processes with an interactive, model-based graphic process that links planning and construction from end to end.

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Benefit from tomorrow‘s technology today

RIB iTWO combines traditional construction planning and trail-blazing 5D planning in one software suite.

RIB iTWO gives you the technology to gradually enhance and optimize your current business process and operate as a synchronised team within a model-based managementsystem. According to leading clients, consultants and contractors, the future lies in virtual construction management. Drawing on the experiences of other sectors, its potential for efficiency is enormous.

RIB iTWO gives you the security of pioneering graphicgeneration software, available to you today to create added value - both for your client and your business. To ensure that this happens, RIB iTWO was developed from the start in collaboration with customers and experts in the construction and engineering industry. Its forerunner product, RIB Csuite, has laid the foundations for its success as one of the leading process and cost management systems.

The traditional and the construction process is undertaken or (enhanced) by RIB iTWO with standard interfaces to third-party applications. On the one hand, it integrates CAD and professional applications, on the other, commercial ERP systems.

The best features of virtual design for planning and construction have been further developed

Construction Process Integration heralds a new quality in the planning and building process

It sets new standards in software ergonomics

A significant reduction in cost: process costs are up to 30% less with RIB iTWO


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“We intend to further develop our market leaderships positions with iTWO. The integrated technical ERP solution of RIB Software AG links up all construction and business processes, optimises our controlling of construction schedules and costs..."

Hannes Truntschnig, Managing Director STRABAG SE

"By reducing the workload in costing and quantity takeoff, compilation of works specifications, invoicing, and preparing tenders, the integrated solution consisting of RIB iTWO and Autodesk Revit saves about 50% of my time." 

Detlev Kraneis, Kraneis Bauingenieure


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