Grand Opening of iTWO 5D Lab

- the First Lab in the World for Construction Industry

Guangzhou, Feb 24th 2014

iTWO 5D Lab is the first 5D laboratory in the world for construction industry. As the technological pioneer in the industry, the lab provides the best 5D simulated working environment of iTWO to arm to bring virtual simulation into physical practice for the whole construction life cycle. Partnering with the world’s No. 1 management consulting company McKinsey, this 5D Lab has been established to let our clients to experience a new trend of doing construction in the future by adopting new thinking, new working method, and new technology, which brings significant benefits to your construction projects by shortening time, saving cost, and decreasing risks.

This opening ceremony is prepared in the intention to celebrate this exciting moment with our most important stakeholders. During the ceremony, the concepts of iTWO 5D Lab will be introduced, and we are also sincerely welcoming you to be our first guests to visit our brand new 5D Lab.

视频: iTWO五维实验室开幕仪式回顾 


Pictures Grand Opening iTWO 5D Lab

iTWO 5D Lab Display

A Tour through iTWO 5D Lab 

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