The first vertical cloud in the world. RIB Software SE enters the era of artificial intelligence for the construction industry at the 5th iTWO World Conference


Guangzhou, China, 20 November 2017. The iTWO World Conference 2017, the 5th annual meeting of the most innovative companies in the global construction industry, made “Vertical Cloud and Artificial Intelligence” the focal point of the meeting in China's metropolis Guangzhou.

More than 500 guests from the real estate industry, the construction industry, from international universities and industrial companies, as well as IT thought leaders from a total of 30 countries met this time over 3 days at the Pearl River. They discussed the latest developments, their own experiences with the technology platform iTWO, the opportunities of virtual reality, advantages of vertical cloud and smart analytics and artificial intelligence. It was agreed that this revolution will give the construction industry with its complex processes and immense amounts of data, a key to overcoming long overdue reforms.

Thomas Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB SE, once again took the conference participants on a journey into the digital future of construction. “Hey TWO” is the virtual assistant of RIB, an interface communicating with human language that will guide and assist industry experts on this journey to working with artificial intelligence and in the vertical cloud.

By integrating RIB technology in the vertical cloud and through the ability to constantly smart data analytics, McTWO will take a much greater step toward saving time and money than is conventionally possible. As a virtual assistant, McTWO will specifically respond to users' problems and questions, and in a few seconds, propose solutions based on mathematical algorithms of artificial intelligence. The future has begun, productivity leaps of unimaginable magnitude will be achievable.

Throughout the conference, visitors were able to learn from their own industry colleagues and share their own experiences with them. Topics such as modular construction, industrialization 4.0 of production, digital construction, smart logistics and just-in-time delivery were just as much addressed as other global topics in the industry: Smart Cities and innovative insurance products that help the industry with the iTWO technology to work in a fact-oriented manner. Likewise, practical issues of implementing this enterprise technology were discussed and all important issues addressed.

The exciting insight into the research and development floor of RIB Software SE showed the customers of RIB and the interested participants what is still just around the corner: iTWO 3D will seamlessly connect the platform with modern applications such as the data glasses (Hololens) and other important pacemaker technologies. Simply programmable applications will seamlessly integrate the modern world of hardware technologies in the future. The communication between the companies and their customers is always kept at the level of the respective development status through this progress. In the meantime, this includes the entire Chinese market, integrates the iTWO 4.0 technology holistically and makes it possible to work with smart logistics and tailor-made delivery via the YTWO network.

Encouraged by the keynote speeches, there was a lively discussion among the congress participants, especially from their respective fields of work towards smart production and smart logistics. So that the new impressions can also be made tangible, many participants came together for one of the always very popular hands-on courses at the RIB headquarters in Guangzhou, in the RIB iTWO 5D Lab. All functions of the technology were demonstrated and thoroughly checked by the attendees. The integration and live demonstration of virtual reality was a first-time and great experience for many participants.

In the closing speech Thomas Wolf renewed his urgent appeal to the community of the global construction industry. The active design of the topics vertical cloud and artificial intelligence is a necessity of the sectoral policy, especially to be able to further shape the fortunes of this important industry itself. “We all have to act together, even if not everyone recognizes the importance in daily operations at this point,” says Thomas Wolf. “The development time will already allow a period of familiarization. The construction industry has to be courageous and self-governing, gaining the market out of itself for the new technologies with their own technical expertise.”

The vertical cloud Initiative and artificial intelligence requires a collective effort and, most importantly, a positive attitude. RIB Software SE is currently selecting the appropriate partners for the pilot projects and, based on this, to integrate the entire world market into the technology. iTWO, the vertical cloud, and AI are a functionally logical combination to build a widely applicable platform for the construction industry. Thus, all companies, from the world market leader to the small craft business, can benefit equally from the fourth industrial revolution; "Our iTWO community will position itself as a pioneer in the market," said Thomas Wolf in his convincing closing words. We are looking forward to the iTWO World Conference 2018. The final applause makes a full house expected.

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