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With a strong focus on innovation and future orientation, over 2,700 talents are serving in more than 300 countries around the world. Experienced experts and young professionals from different cultures and backgrounds collaborate closely to provide transformative software products, innovative thinking and professional services in a global prospect. RIB has a strong R&D team of experts across Germany, China, USA and Australia, which enables sustainable product investment and enhancements, keeping clients at the forefront of engineering, infrastructure and construction technology.



We are professional

Our focus is to be a neutral and impartial party in the construction industry without any interests other than how our tools create value for the construction industry's parties. We work professionally with our customers and challenge ourselves to continually do our best.

We are ambitious

The winner mentality comes naturally to us. A day without challenges is a day without the opportunity to run away with the victory. To triumph is to create value for our customers, and the will to triumph drives us forward. Towards this goal we always have our customers at the centre.


We are passionate

Passion means first and foremost that we love what we do. At RIB, we complement one another and share the same beliefs in terms of the value we create. Working as a team means that we pull together and help each other to achieve our common and individual goals.

We are inclusive

Our diversity creates a company that strengthens creativity and the foundation for developing new ideas and products. Our openness also helps ensure that we are closer to our customers and that we always seek to reflect their needs in our solutions.



Meet a few of our employees and hear what they have to say about working at RIB:


Maria Jose Romero Moruno

R&D – Spain

The iTWO Course brought me the opportunity of discovering the new world of the most advanced technology for the construction industry. Nowadays I am very excited to say I am a PM “running together” in the RIB team, working in the world’s first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution and doing my best to take it to the highest level.


Mamadou Ly

Consulting - Germany

I’ve been in love with engineering since I was a student. It can open and structure my mind to find different approaches on challenges. RIB in fact opens another world for me. I can make engineering more productive and make my ideas alive. It is a company with over 50 years of history, but it possesses a strong startup spirit for innovation. We can always brainstorm for exciting technology and business innovation, and every staff can share their own ideas directly with the management.


Shirley Ling

COE - China

I have implemented RIB’s projects across the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines and so on. My friends joked that I am a Super Woman. Though my schedule is always packed, I feel lucky to explore the entire process of BIM applications while serving enterprises in different countries and polishing my knowledge and experience in the fields of BIM consulting, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. 


Whatever stage of your career you may be at (Student, Graduate, young professionals, experienced), RIB offers a great variety of working fields.  Turn your visions and ideas into reality, e.g. in development, sales, consulting and join a culture where you will be recognized for your unique contributions.

Finding a new job can be tough - thus we want to make the application process easy for you. Depending on your entry-level, we use various selection criteria and selection tools with which we assess candidates. However, in the end, it is your overall impression that counts!

At RIB, we attach great importance to our applicants’ and job seekers’ data privacy. Please click here for information regarding data privacy for international applicants.

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