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All Programs can be installled and tested immediately after download as "Demo-Version" with a limeted functionality

This download page allows the actualization of existing program versions on your computer. Please verify before an actualization of the existing software whether the upgrade versions described in the setup environment or under “News & Changes” match with the licenses available on your computer. In this case, all available improvements within an existing program generation, for example, from version 12.2 build 03.05.2012 to build 06.09.2012, can be installed as a free update.

Important note:

If no match exists between actual program version and existing license, a paid upgrade of licensing to the respective application is usually required.

Pay Per Project - for Structural Engineers!

License Management

Price Information

Request of DVD 2017-1

Please note, that at the moment some of the documentation material is available only in German language. The reference handbook can be accessed in the general information environment of each program. Documentation in English language will be completed step by step.

Richard Stasch

Your RIB hotline contact for Structural Engineering Richard Stasch Tel.: +49 711 7873-41 eMail: statik-hotline[at]

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