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2D FEM - slab design including base plates

Short Overview

  • design according to DIN, EN with NAs for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • simple 2D constructions for slab fields, walls, columns and box outs as well as point, line and area loads on grids, on axes and in dialogue
  • integration of downstand beams for the consideration of more realistic stiffnesses & consideration of elastic bedding
  • powerful FE solver with field-by-field loading and  automatic superposition of load cases and reinforcement values
  • result preview for deformations, bearing reactions and slab stress resultants as well as reinforcement steel (As) values
  • automatic generation of the complete result list including diagrams and graphics
2D FEM - slab design including base plates
2D FEM - automatic load & report generation

Benefits of RTslab

The application of RTslab particularly provides the following advantages:

  • fast familiarisation because of learning wizzard and extraordinarily simple application//handling with complete undo/redo
  • toolbar adapts to the working habit of the user
  • powerful calculation and design with the FEM system TRIMAS® in the background
  • modification and subsequent calculation with complete output of the results is made by pushing a button
  • clear preview of the result list and freely configurable result output

Detailed informations to RTslab

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