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Prefabricated single-span girder for bridge constructions

Short Overview

  • design according to DIN, EN with NAs for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK
  • design of precast girders and girders cast in situ
  • option for lateral buckling analysis for reinforced & precast member beams in the cracked state
  • easy to use by clearly arranged input of system an cross sections
  • non-linear calculation of deformations and stability analysis in the cracked state incl. tension stiffening effects
  • continuous consideration of box outs and motrices for calculation, stability analysis and design of girder
  • consideration of system, load and stress history
  • consideration of stress redistributions from creep, shrinkage and relaxation
lateral torsional buckling in cracked state

Benefits of RTfermo bridge

RTfermo bridge is a powerful design programme for member and composite concrete beams and provides the following advantages:

  • fully graphic-oriented input with overview at one glance and optimum control of all modifications
  • extensive calculation with FEM and design of the beam systems with full considera-tion of the system, cross-section, load or stressing histories
  • clearly arranged, selective and repeatable result output including graphics with ex-port possibility to PDF or RTF format

Detailled Information to RTfermo bridge

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