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Option lateral buckling for RTfermo including nonlinear material

Short Overview

  • design of precast girders and girders cast in situ
  • option for lateral buckling analysis for reinforced & precast member beams in the cracked state
  • non-linear calculation of deformations and stability analysis in the cracked state incl. tension stiffening effects
  • continuous consideration of box outs and motrices for calculation, stability analysis and design of girder
  • consideration of system, load and stress history
  • consideration of stress redistributions from creep, shrinkage and relaxation
  • extended verification , e.g. for fatigue box outs and mortices
    simple and configurable result evaluation with preview option
lateral torsional buckling in the cracked condition

Benefits of RTfermo buckling

The application makes use of the powerful FEM technology of TRIMAS® for the ultimate load calculation in the cracked state. This results in the following advantages:

  • realistic system modelling for the lateral buckling analysis in the case of slender beams
  • realistic evaluation of transportation and construction stages
  • evaluation of stiffness degradings caused by box outs
  • economic verification for highly utilised systems

Detailed informations to RTfermo buckling

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