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RC-footing for arbitrary, circular, block & tubular shapes

Short Overview

  • design according DIN or EN with NADs for DE, AT, SK/CZ and UK codes including individual load cases and load combinations
  • presetting of different water zones and backfillings
  • input of loads in the column connection as well as arbitrary point or area loads on the slab
  • option for block, circular, sleeve and polygonal footings
  • presetting of a smooth / rough formwork as well as of the bond area of a sleeve design
  • design of sleeve as well as punching verifications for circularly and rectangularly connected columns
  • configuration of report and evaluation of results at generated or selected sections
  • simple and transparent evaluation of results
rc-footing for block or sleeve foundations
rc-footing with circular or ploygonal plate

Benefits of RTfooting EXPERT

RTfooting EXPERT is a versatile structural engineering programme which provides the following advantages:

  • highend program application for multi-purpuse analysis and design of footings and the solution of demanding engineering tasks
  • transparent working environment and program control with graphics with sensitive elements and chain dimensioning
  • usage of templates and alternative dialogue input

This enhancement makes the application of RTfooting EXPERT an enormously powerful structural engineering application for an economic calculation and design of arbitrary foundations. Even technically demanding engineering tasks can be solved in this field of application.

Detailed informations to RTfooting EXPERT

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