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Soil structure interaction

Short Overview

  • soil model with half space
  • use of finite volume elements
  • gap-elements for soil-/structure interaction
  • consideration of loss of contact in base joint
  • evaluation of corresponding structure settlements
  • consideration of inclined soil layers
  • input of drilling profiles
  • check for optimal modeling depth
  • evaluation of stresses in soil
  • verification of base failure

Consideration of soil-structure models incl. gap elements
Soil-structure interface via gap elements

Benefits of soil structure interaction

The fully graphically interactive processing enables fast familiarisation and provides the following advantages for the development of projects:

  • Complex spatial building-soil models can be defined with only few parameters
  • Simple, area-oriented input of the subsoil at the ground level
  • Input of 3D objects for the soil model is avoided completely
  • Almost arbitrary layer composition even with sloping layers
  • Superpositions of stress from different buildings are recorded
  • Integral structure model usually supports economic design of floor slabs

Detailed informations to soil structure interaction

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