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FE-calculations in ground engineering

Short Overview

  • polygonal soil layers and water level distributions
  • elastic outriggers and anchorages with imposed prestressing
  • modelling of wall/anchor by geotextile-/gap-elements
  • automatic meshing considering all construction stages
  • efficient FEM-solver with non-linear material laws
  • direct display of the soil stresses as well as settlements & uplifts
FE-model with soil-structure interfaces
FE-model consideres initial stresses

Benefits of FEwalls

As an additional module to RTwalls, FEwalls provides the following advantages:

  • complete modelling of the real structural behaviour
  • collection of the wall-ground-interaction
  • collection of non-linear material behaviour
  • improved estimation of the deformation of walls and ground
  • evaluation of stresses in the ground
  • consideration of the actual structure and load histories

Detailed Information to FEwalls

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