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Basic version for retaining walls incl. wall design tool

Short Overview

  • retaining walls for deep excavations incl. wall design
  • polygonal ground level with ground and material data base
  • berms on valley & earth sides
  • vertical sheet, soldier pile, bore pile or slotted wall
  • profile-DB for sheet piles of all typical types
  • outriggers and anchors with/without prestressing
  • consideration of different excavation/retreating stages
  • consideration of water levels on valley/earth side
  • design of structure including all geotechnical proofs
Stages of deep excavation wall
Bedding adaptation in retaining wall

Benefits of RTwalls

As a geotechnical application, RTwalls in particular offers the following advantages:

  • geotechnical design according to  DIN 1054 incl.  EAU and  EAB as well as  EC 7, EN 1997 and according  NADs for DE &  AT
  • clearly arranged and efficient working surface with support of parameterised inputs
  • completely graphic-oriented input with optimum control of all modifications
  • fast familiarisation with introductory example
  • simple calculation and design of different wall systems with arbitrary anchorages or outriggers 
  • usage of templates
  • clearly arranged and continuous result output including preselection for graphics

Detailed Information to RTwalls

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