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Composite steel prefab girder

Composite steel prefabricated girder as program option for TRIMAS® & PONTI®

short overview

Composite steel-concrete prefab cross section with time-dependant sectional variants
  • classification of cross section
  • consideration of secondary effects
  • design for limit state
  • limit servicability design
  • limit fatigue design 
  • design of bond dowels
  • consideartion of cross section variants
  • grafical representation of section values and design results

Benefits of Composite steel prefab girder

The programme component RTcompositeSteelPre supports the calculation and design of prefabricated  spatial systems of structural steel, composite steel-concrete or reinforced concrete bridges and in particular provides the following advantages:

  • Graphic-oriented surface during design with interactive cross section optimisation
  • The calculation / design of the composite girders is performed according to the overall cross section method
  • Simple acquisition of the system, cross section and load histories
  • Consideration of forces of cracking in the concrete chord
  • Automatic evaluation of secondary effects resulting from creep and shrinkage
  • Powerful and economic design according to DIN technical report 104 with a clear result graphic and specific detail information
  • Document output in RTprint / RTF format in compliance with the user’s requirements 

Details to composite steel prefab girder

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