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The process-oriented 5D simulation technology creates new and innovative basic conditions and opportunities for the construction industry. In the 5D work method common building information modeling (BIM) procedures are supplemented with central information on the construction process and information from all life phases of a construction project. ...

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  • Mefisto-project
    New potential for the combined use of planning and controlling information
  • Mefisto-project
    Magic of a vision

5d major project

  • Max Bögl: company-wide switch to iTWO
    Multifunction hall ratiopharm arena Ulm

Innovative 5d features

  • Fully up-to-date on economic conditions
    ATP: largest project developer and integral planner in Europe decides in favour of RIB

iTWO in medium-sized companies

  • Model for the entire construction process
    5D as new standard at WOLFF & MÜLLER

Industry promotes 5d

  • Quality, cost certainty and adherence to schedule
    Engineering firm Pinkert: ”There’s no avoiding 5D”

Integrated solutions

  • b.i.m.m. GmbH is the construction manager of the virtual model
    Total construction process simulated on PC

Single user plans digital

  • Why 2D planning is a waste of time
    With iTWO Detlev Kraneis saves 50% in time

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