Managung Directors and Administrative Board

Portrait Managing Directors RIB Software SE
from left: Michael Sauer, Thomas Wolf and Helmut Schmid
  • Thomas Wolf - CEO
    Responsibility: Corporate Strategy 
    2000 to 2009 Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    Member of the executive board since December, 2009
  • Michael Sauer - CFO
    Responsibilities: Corporate Finance, M&A, Sales Germany 
    Member of the Executive Board since 2002 

  • Helmut Schmid - CTO
    Responsibilities: Corporate R&D, Technology & Innovation 
    Member of the executive board since September, 2015

Administrative Board

  • Thomas Wolf (Chairman)
  • Sandy Möser (Deputy-Chairwoman)
  • Michael Sauer
  • Helmut Schmid
  • Dr. Matthias Rumpelhardt
  • Klaus Hirschle
  • Prof. Martin Fischer
  • Steve Swant 

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